Everyone at Small Town Pediatrics is dedicated to providing top-quality medical care in a small and highly personal practice setting with a goal to help all our kids achieve their best start toward a healthy and happy life of the highest possible quality.


From birth through adolescence, children cared for by Small Town Pediatrics will receive preventive care and treatment of acute and chronic conditions based on their needs and the highest standards of medical care.  Parents will be able to rely on their pediatrician for timely, accurate, compassionate, helpful, and easily accessible care and advice.


Children are the focus of our care, and our goal is to help every child achieve their greatest potential. That starts with a strong foundation of physical and mental health.

  • We respect science and advocate for use of proven, safe, and effective treatments and therapies when these are needed.
  • We value a direct connection between a family and their trusted pediatrician. Small Town Pediatrics was founded to ensure the highest possible continuity of care between families and their pediatricians.
  • The vaccines we use are well-established as safe and effective in preventing serious, avoidable illnesses in childhood and provide benefits into adulthood. We welcome opportunities to help families with questions to know accurate information about vaccines and understand the reasons why they are recommended.  The vaccines in general use are, by far, the safest and most effective medical interventions available, and far less likely to cause harm than the diseases they prevent.  Vaccines are always safer than the risks of the diseases they prevent and around 100,000 times safer than a single course of antibiotics!
  • Good physical and mental health and well-being is built on a foundation of good nutrition, adequate time and quality of sleep (which varies by the age of the child), healthy doses of physical activity, and healthy connections to family, friends, and the community. Our role as pediatricians is to help children and families build that foundation.


We are committed to the following ideals:

  • We want to help your child and you.
  • You should never have to worry about your child alone.
  • Communication with a medical practice for everything from scheduling an appointment to getting advice should be flexible and use the most appropriate technology for the task.
  • There are no “dumb” questions.
  • We will do our very best to schedule the right amount of time for each patient we see. We value your time and will work hard to keep to our scheduled appointment times.
  • We will keep our structure small so that you will know the people in our office and they will know you.
  • We will do our best to provide economical care.
  • We are required to follow your insurance company’s rules on billing for patient responsibility. We will do our best to help you understand what may and may not be “covered,” but sometimes we can’t know your insurer’s specific rules or charges until after the service is provided.
  • We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “Bright Futures” preventive care guidelines and the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations.