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Dr. Mark has many years of experience helping families with their children’s growth, development, and health. As a board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Mark is trained in and focuses entirely on the health needs of children. Small Town Pediatrics follows the recommendations for care established by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other leading pediatric care experts in children’s physical, mental, and emotional development and health.

Our goal is to partner with our patient families to provide your child (or children) the best possible health throughout their childhood. Good health in adulthood is built on a foundation of health-promoting practices starting at birth and continuing through early childhood.

Join Small Town Pediatrics

We are so glad you are interested in joining Small Town Pediatrics. For more information about our practice please see our practice and philosophy of care. You can also email with specific questions. When you are ready to register, please click the link below.

Step 1:
Medical Records Transfer

Complete a Medical Records Transfer form.

Step 2:
Notify Your Child’s Insurer

It is a good idea to:

  • Confirm Small Town Pediatrics is “in-network.”
  • Check with the plan on how to select Dr. Mark (Helm) to be your child’s Primary Care Provider in Silverton.

Step 3:
New Patient Registration

Save time! Have a picture of your kid(s) insurance card(s) ready. You can upload the photo into the form, or manually enter the information.

Complete 1 of the 2 form links below, and provide the needed information:

  • Click here if your child needs Preventive or Chronic Care within the next 4-6 weeks
  • Click here to register without an appointment needed in the next 4-6 weeks.