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In Silverton to Stay

Dr. Mark has been dedicated to providing pediatric care to Silverton and the surrounding areas for over five years. As a previous partner at Childhood Health Associates he advocated for the decision to expand to Silverton and volunteered to be one of the main clinicians to serve families at the new office.

Sadly, after Covid related struggles Childhood Health Associates decided to close the office in Silverton. Dr. Mark could not fathom withdrawing care from the Silverton area families, forcing them to change clinicians and once again drive to another town for their child(rens)’s healthcare.  Small Town Pediatrics was born, opening its doors in October 2021. Silverton also became the “firstborn” actualizing Dr. Mark’s longly held vision and desire to bring dedicated pediatric care to small towns – in a small town way.

Committed to Direct Access to Care

In a small town, people know each other and are there in times of need. That is exactly the community environment Dr. Mark created with Small Town Pediatrics. At Small Town Pediatrics we know our families and our families know us. Direct access to care is a commitment.

The welcoming response and appreciation have been tremendous. So many families shared thoughts like this,

“{We transferred} to Small Town Pediatrics because it was closer to home. We also craved a more personable experience when going to see our doctor. 100% this office has it figured out! Such peace of mind to know that if your child has a problem they are just a quick text away! Thank you Small Town Pediatrics for caring for our kids.”

Growing with Silverton

Dr. Mark knew Small Town Pediatrics and Silverton were a match. Our practice continues to grow and improve to serve your growing families. We are glad to say we will be serving the families of Silverton for many years to come. Stay tuned as we add to our experienced team.