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Use portal messages for any non-urgent issues that our doctors or staff can address during regular office hours.

For urgent medical questions, send a text or call the on-call doctor.

We Offer Three Appointment Types

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Well Baby, Well Toddler, and Annual Exams 

Dr. Mark prioritizes preventive care.  These are most of our daily office visits, and these visits are the most important ones for you and your child.  We provide valuable guidance and ideas to help with any challenges we are seeing with your child, in addition to:

  • assessing growth and development
  • screening for important conditions
  • preventing illness/injury

See our preventive care schedule >>


We want our parents to know how to manage the usual viral illness kids experience, and to recognize when the child’s illness doesn’t fit the usual pattern and when they need to be seen.

Minor injuries can often be managed at home with observation.  There are a few injuries that should be seen in the office, including:

  • suspected broken bones (Video can often help us decide if an X-ray is needed.)
  • cuts that may require glue, staples, or sutures
  • head injuries with or without a brief loss of consciousness and/or concussion symptoms


Some kids have medical or behavioral health/mood issues that need ongoing attention.  Depending on the condition and the severity, we try to see these kids several times yearly, including for routine preventive care.  We will help you keep track of when your child needs to follow up with us.  Some of these chronic care management appointments can be done by video visits.


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Never worry about your child alone.

We are here.

Identifying a medical problem can be scary. We are happy to provide guidance:

  • over the phone
  • by video
  • in the office as appropriate

Needing care outside of normal office hours?

We are available.

For illness or injury questions, one of us is always “on-call,” and ready to help you with your child’s care.  If your child needs to be seen in the office, we may offer availability outside of our usual office hours.   Sometimes, we even offer house-calls.

To reach us for urgent “after-hours” questions, please call or text (503) 400-3852.