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Opening Monmouth in March

Dr. Mark began looking for an opportunity to bring pediatric care to Polk County shortly after moving to Oregon 10 years ago. West Salem, Independence, and Monmouth have been among the fastest growing communities in Oregon for most of a decade. That is a lot of kids without dedicated pediatric care. In fact, there has not been a pediatric office in Polk County for as long as anyone can remember. Dr Mark has families driving to Silverton from the other side of Dallas. Something had to be done.

Path to Polk County

Does it count as serendipity if it is your goal and you are always advocating? It is more likely tenacity, A dedicated servant in his field, Dr. Mark has volunteered on the board of the Willamette Health Council since its inception. This work gave him the opportunity to develop contacts with the leadership in Polk County. Always carrying his Polk County dreams, he attended a fundraiser with his spouse and noticing County Commissioner Pope was in attendance, took the opportunity to advocate his vision. 

Turns out there were plans to build a county services building and the seed that Small Town Pediatrics should participate was planted. Small Town Pediatrics is proud and excited to finally be able to serve the families of Polk County. Not only will these families no longer have to drive to another town for care, they will be part of the Small Town Pediatrics community. This means never worrying about your child alone and having direct access to the clinicians who care for your children.