January 31, 2024

Dear Parent,

Recently you received a letter with incorrect information about your child’s medical care options.  The letter from PacificSource Community Solutions (PSCS), stated that Dr. Mark Helm and Dr. Scott Hamblin will no longer be primary care providers (PCPs) for PSCS patients. The PSCS letter is not correct.

You CAN keep Dr. Hamblin or Dr. Helm as your child’s doctor at their new Silverton location:

Small Town Pediatrics

  • Small Town Pediatrics exists to serve all the kids in our local area. And beyond…
  • Small Town Pediatrics will open at the beginning of October, 2021
  • Our location is 607 Welch Street in Silverton
  • We accept PacificSource commercial insurance plans and PSCS medicaid covered children.


Planning to continue with Dr. Hamblin or Dr. Helm for your child’s medical care?  Follow this link (or click the giant red banner) and complete the medical record release form on your phone, tablet or computer. 

The form:

  • Is a simple and HIPAA secure way to allow medical records transfer.
  • Can be used for up to 6 children. If more than 6, complete 2 forms.
  • Requires your email address, if you don’t use email, call/text (503) 400 3852
  • Uses your electronic signature to authorize the transfer.
  • Takes only about 3 minutes to complete.

Transferring records helps Small Town Pediatrics provide the best care possible for your child or children. The completed online form confirms your choice to keep your child’s care with Dr. Hamblin or Dr. Helm.

If you prefer to continue your child’s care at Childhood Health Associates in Salem or a different medical practice accepting PSCS patients, you should contact the PSCS Customer Service.


It is important to  complete the medical records transfer form or contact PSCS for a PCP change by September 23, 2021.

If you have already completed our medical records release form, you do not need to do anything more. PSCS will assign your child to Dr. Hamblin or Dr. Helm based on this form. You can seek care in Silverton starting October 2021.

Everyone involved regrets the letter caused confusion and distress for some people.  Dr. Hamblin and Dr. Helm are grateful for the support from PacificSource/PSCS, Childhood Health Associates and WVP to help resolve this confusion as quickly as possible.


Contact Small Town Pediatrics: