December 4, 2022

Dear Small Town Family:
We want to alert you to a situation with our team.  Two of our 4 team member’s familles had an individual test positive for coronavirus over the weekend.  No one is seriously ill, but since your family has an appointment this week, we wanted to inform you.


Everyone in the office is fully vaccinated and recently “boosted.”   Even so, we know that we could catch or pass along the Omicron or another variant.  Current CDC guidance for healthcare workers with “high risk” COVID exposures says:
  • “Boosted” people can continue to see patients and deliver care
  • We should wear N95 masks when with patients (we had already started that),
  • We should monitor ourselves for symptoms,
  • We should test ourselves over the course of the next week.

Some families may feel more comfortable rescheduling to see us next week or the week after.  Others will feel that a visit with us is less risky than a trip to the grocery store – and certainly safer than visiting Wal-mart or Costco or a daycare.  We felt it was important and respectful to let you know so you can make the choices that are most comfortable for you and your family.

If your appointment can be done by video, we will contact you with this option.  If your appointment must be in person, but you prefer to reschedule, call or text us  (503) 400 – 3852.  Let us know if you would prefer to text with us about appointment options or receive a call from us.

Thank you for your patience.


Dr. Scott and Dr. Mark